Services and Information

Use this page for information about my services, payments, and what you can expect to receive once you place a commission.


I offer a high-quality illustration to those with Arms, Crests, Banners or any approved registered Arms who require their designs digitally recreated for the purpose of marketing materials, stationery, flag making or any other application.

All artwork is created as Vector graphics - these are the best quality files for scaling and editing. You can find out more about Vectors here. I can illustrate your Arms and create a complete artwork library for use on screen and print.


If you are based in the United Kingdom or any other Commonwealth countries that fall under the jurisdiction of the College of Arms, you will need to contact the college to apply for a Grant of Arms by following this link. If you are based in Scotland, your Arms will need to be granted with the Court of the Lord Lyon. Similarly, South Africa and some other countries have their own heraldic registry/granting bodies.

For those outside of the UK and Commonwealth countries, I offer a high quality and original design service which can then be used for registration of your Arms with the Armorial Register. By following the rules and fundamental aims of heraldry I will design an original, beautiful Coat of Arms that is instantly recognisable as yours. It is my belief that Arms (unless Royal or heavily quartered for example) should be as simple as possible. I will take into account your brief and any potential charges or symbols that are personal to you and your family.

View my portfolio for examples of Arms for individuals and corporations as well as other artwork inspired by heraldry.


Vector illustration is a very slow process, even with the shortcuts that art programs can offer us. The time it takes is comparable to hand painted artwork and this will be reflected in the quote.

Due to the variation of complexity with different Arms, Bookplates, and any other heraldry-based illustration it is unfortunately impossible for me to have an accurate price list. It is my aim to keep costs down to a minimum for clients and so I only quote on a project-by-project basis.

Payments are paid in two stages, a deposit of 50% in advance and final 50% is due upon completion. I can accept BACCS payments, international transfers but I am unable to accept payments by phone. If preferred, I can send Paypal requests but there is a 5% charge to cover any costs.

If you have any existing artwork or a blazon, you can email them to me with any further instructions or you can call me to discuss your project in person.

Below is a speculative price guideline for the different types of commissions although I do quote for projects individually:

Full Achievement (Arms/shield, Crest, helm, mantling, and motto) without Supporters - £400-500

Full Achievement with Supporters - £700-1000

Full Achievement with Human Supporters - £900-1,200

Full Achievement with Supporters and Compartment - £750-£1200

Badges (can vary a lot in complexity and detail) - £80-£300

I also offer Bookplate illustration services but the prices vary depending on the complexity of the design.


Within the price of your particular project you will receive a full library of images for use on screen and for print as well as the original artwork file.

Within the library of your Coat of Arms you can expect to receive:

  • The Full Achievement (Coat of Arms) on a vellum background
  • The Full Achievement (Coat of Arms) on a transparent background
  • The Shield isolated on a transparent background
  • The Crest isolated on a transparent background

Other combinations and elements are available upon request to include in your personal library of artwork. Additional versions of your artwork including greyscale, black and white line art, and flat colour versions are all available upon request.


Each of the elements in the list above will be supplied in a range of files for ease of use with printing, stationery, online and on social media.

For every version of your artwork you can expect to receive:

  • Vector artwork as a PDF file
  • Photo quality (300 dpi) JPEG file
  • Photo quality (300 dpi) PNG file with transparent background
  • Screen quality (72 dpi) JPEG file
  • Screen quality (72 dpi) PNG file with transparent background

What Are Vector Graphics? Find out more about Vector artwork.

All artwork on a vellum background can not be supplied as PNG file with a transparent background for screen or print.

Full Arms on vellum background

Shield on transparent background

Arms and Motto on transparent background

CoA on transparent background

Arms on white background

Isolated Crest on a transparent background