Traditional-style Digital Painting of a Mounted Knight

My biggest commission for Brady Brim-DeForest (or probably any heraldic commission) created digitally but with a hand-painted feel on a app called Procreate. The artwork is composed of a Mounted Knight returning home after battle with details of significance to my client throughout the landscape – the oak trees symbolising family members past and present, as well as for the strength of family overall. The thistle represents Scotland and the location of Balvaird Castle (featured in the background), a property that is owned and cared for by Brady.

I wanted to create a traditional, romantic painting which was influenced subtly by medieval artworks, whilst still being modern. I paid special attention to giving each of the materials featured their own style of digital paint stroke as I wanted the metal to be robust, the gold thread on the surcoat and Standard to catch the glint of the sunlight, and the chainmail to appear heavy for example. I am particularly proud of this heraldically-inspired artwork.